Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)

Membership:  Six members elected from the faculty at large for three-year overlapping terms.

Advisory Members: Provost, Vice President for Finance and Operations, Director of Human Resources, and the faculty representatives to the Board of Regents.  Consistent with Article IV, Section 4, Subsection 4b, g and h of the Faculty Bylaws, advisory members shall have the same rights and privileges as any other member of the committee except the right to make motions and to vote.

General Purpose:  To study problems, recommend policy, and facilitate appropriate action in matters dealing with faculty welfare, faculty fall conference. To act in an intermediary capacity in matters concerning the welfare of the faculty as a whole.

Specific Duties:

  1. To recommend policy for the utilization of resources available to the faculty.
  2. To recommend policy concerning faculty scholarships and grants.
  3. To recommend policy concerning faculty leaves.
  4. To recommend policy concerning fringe benefits, retirements, and salaries.
  5. To seek to stimulate creative faculty activities.
  6. To express faculty sentiment on appropriate occasions.
  7. To plan the faculty fall conference.
  8. To designate one member of this committee to serve on the University Budget Advisory Committee.
  9. To advise the administration of the university in order to express faculty concerns and interests regarding the allocation of funds in the budget.
  10. To make a written report to the faculty at least once a year. The chair of the committee shall file a record of the committee’s activities in duplicate reports–one with the faculty secretary and one with the president of the university at the close of the school year.

Membership for 2016-17:

Name: Seth Dowland (dowlansa@plu.edu) – Chair
Department: Religion
Committee Seat: Expires 2017
Contact: 253-535-8125

Name: Norris Peterson (petersna@plu.edu)
Department: Economics
Committee Seat: Expires 2017
Contact: 253-535-7645

Name: Amy Siegesmund (siegesam@plu.edu)
Department: Biology
Committee Seat: Expires 2018
Contact: 253-535-8310

Name: David Ward (warddb@plu.edu)
Department: Marriage and Family Therapy
Committee Seat: Expires 2018
Contact: 253-535-8284

Name: Tim Mooney (mooneytk@plu.edu) – Secretary
Department: Business
Committee Seat: Expires 2019
Contact: 253-535-8129

Name: Rebecca Wilkin (wilkinrm@plu.edu)
Department: Languages and Literatures
Committee Seat: Expires 2019
Contact: 253-535-7313