What We Do

The Human Participants Review Board (HPRB) is the name of PLU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Our task is to ensure that all research conducted by students, faculty, staff, and administration is ethically sound and protects the rights and dignity of human participants.

This site provides information on how to apply for HPRB approval, including all necessary forms.  If you have any questions, please contact the current HPRB chair at hprb@plu.edu.

Board Members:

Christine Hansvick, Psychology (Chair)
Harry Papadopoulus, Kinesiology
Joanne Lisosky, Arts and Communication
Lorena Guerrero, Nursing
Roslyn Pierce, Community member, PLU Alum

2015-16 Unit Designates

Arts and Communication, Peter Ehrenhaus, ehrenhpc@plu.edu
Business, Chung-Shing Lee, leecb@plu.edu
Education and Kinesiology, Harry Papadopoulos, papadoha@plu.edu
Humanities, Emily Davidson, davidsef@plu.edu
Natural Sciences, Brian Naasz, naaszbm@plu.edu
Nursing, Lorena Guerrero, guerrelc@plu.edu
Ramstad Commons, Heather Brett, bretthm@plu.edu
Psychology, Marianne Taylor, taylormg@plu.edu
Sociology, Teresa Ciabattari, ciabatta@plu.edu
Other Social Sciences, Kaitlyn Sill, sillkl@plu.edu
Wang Center for Global Education, Carmen Eyssautier, eyssaucj@plu.edu

All investigators MUST take the CITI training, which is good for four years.