non-PLU researchers

If you wish to conduct research at PLU that has already been approved by your institution (primary IRB), you must also receive approval from the PLU HPRB. The review performed by the primary IRB must meet the human subject protection requirements of the PLU HPRB. Approval by the primary IRB does not guarantee approval by the PLU HPRB.

In some cases, the PLU HPRB may be willing to consider a reliance agreement with your institution’s IRB and cede oversight of the project to your IRB.

Please provide the following information to your research collaborator at PLU and they will be able to submit through our online system:

  • signed proof of approval by your institution (primary IRB)
  • a copy of the approved proposal and consent form(s)
  • a copy of the consent form(s) that will be used at PLU (if different from original consent forms)
  • any and all supporting documents (recruitment tools, survey instruments, debriefing, etc.)
  • a completed reliance agreement form (if you are wanting to seek such an agreement)

You may be asked to provide other documentation, as needed.

If you or your research collaborator at PLU have questions, please contact:

Researchers who are not affiliated with PLU who intend to conduct research involving members of the PLU community as participants are also required to secure PLU HPRB approval prior to beginning their research.

Please email for more information.