Meet the HPRB

Members of the HPRB and Unit Designates are always available for informal consultation on matters pertaining to projects involving human participants.

Current HPRB Members
Marianne Taylor, Psychology, – Chair
Heather Mathews, Art & Design,
Mary Moller, Nursing,
Harry Papadopoulus, Kinesiology,
Holly Billiu, Community Member, PLU Alum,

HPRB Administrative Coordinator
Carol Bautista

Please contact Carol Bautista for questions, concerns, and issues related to HPRB. If she cannot provide an answer, she will direct you to someone who can!

Current Unit Designates (HPRB reviewers in your department, division, or school)
Arts and Communication – Jeffrey Bell-Hanson,
Business – Catherine Ha, and Ralph Flick,
Education & Kinesiology – Harry Papadopoulos,
Humanities – Nancy Simpson-Younger,
Natural Sciences – Amy Siegesmund,
Nursing – Jessica Schwinck, and Marylou Robinson,
Psychology – Tiffany Artime, , Corey Cook, and Heidi McLaughlin (FA19),
Sociology – Anna Leon-Guerrero,
Other Social Sciences – David Simpson,
Student Life – Eva Frey, and Joanna Royce-Davis,

The Unit Designates conduct an initial review of all new HPRB research proposals from investigators in their respective units. They then forward recommendations to the HPRB Chair. Each Unit Designate also serves as a liaison between the HPRB and the students, faculty, and administrators in their respective units and should be a first point of contact for discipline-specific questions (e.g., use of vulnerable participants and deception in Psychology research, whether a project meets the criteria for Quality Improvement in Nursing).