Pacific Lutheran University’s Human Participants Review Board (HPRB) reviews all research conducted by students, faculty, staff, and administration at PLU in order to promote best practices in studies conducted with human participants, ensuring that research protocols are ethically sound and protect the rights and dignity of human participants. PLU also has an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure the humane and ethical treatment of laboratory animals. PLU’s HPRB and IACUC perform the functions of what are commonly referred to as IRBs (Institutional Review Boards).

This site is where you will find information on how to apply for HPRB approval, including all necessary forms.  There are several key issues to consider and steps to take as you begin the process:

  1. Complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certification for Social/Behavioral Science Investigators and Key Personnel. This six-hour online training course in human subjects research protections is a requirement for all PLU faculty, students, and staff conducting or seeking HPRB approval to conduct human subjects research. Faculty members responsible for course-related projects that involve the collection of data from (or about) human beings are also required to complete the CITI certification. HPRB and UD members complete additional IRB training in order to review proposals.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the terminology and key issues that arise when completing a research protocol to submit to HPRB.  CITI certification is the first step in this process, but there is more! We have provided an introduction to the submission process with Key Questions for Getting Started.
  3. If you have never submitted a research proposal to HPRB before or you are in the process of requesting renewal or amendment, you probably will have questions. Please contact a Board member or the Unit Designate with your questions (i.e., Who Are We & What Do We Do?). You prolong the review process if there are extensive stipulations once your formal proposal has been submitted.

We have made significant changes to our website in order to promote a better understanding of the application process and reduce the number of re-submissions required. If you have feedback on our website or need further clarification, please contact the current HPRB chair through hprb@plu.edu.

All investigators MUST take the CITI training, which is good for four years.