Federal regulations for the protection of human subjects (45 CFR Part 46, known as the Common Rule) have been updated for the first time since 1991. Changes went into effect on January 21, 2019.

These changes are required only for new federally funded research. We have more latitude in implementing the new regulations for non-federally-funded projects, which make up the vast majority of research projects at PLU.

Because we already initiated major changes to the HPRB website, templates, and online application system (Mentor) in Fall 2018, we are taking a conservative approach and planning to implement the revised Common Rule for all PLU research beginning Fall 2019.

Many changes will be administrative in nature and “behind the scenes.” We do not anticipate major changes for researchers. However, next fall, you can expect to see new consent templates, changes to exemption categories, more research being classified as exempt, and some changes to the Mentor surveys.

IMPORTANT:  For investigators submitting new HPRB proposals for federally funded projects, please contact the chair of the HPRB (at hprb@plu.edu) first.