faculty supervisors

Are you engaged in student-faculty research, serving as a capstone consultant, supervising an independent study project, etc.? If so, most of the information you will need can be found on the page for instructors.

Wait! Before you go, here’s some important information.


You are the last stop before submission

Your electronic signature is required for submission of student proposals in Mentor. Be on the lookout for notifications that your student’s proposal is ready to be reviewed and submitted.

When might you be called upon to serve as a faculty supervisor?

  • as a course instructor, if research is part of your course and you require students to submit HPRB proposals
  • as a faculty member collaborating with students on research
  • as a capstone consultant, if your department has those
  • as a faculty member working with students on independent research

The HPRB counts on faculty supervisors to consult with students on:

  • appropriate research topics, methods, materials, and procedures
  • norms and best practices for research in your discipline
  • aspects of the project requiring special care and planning
    (e.g., work with certain populations, collection of sensitive or protected data, use of deception, ethical concerns, etc.)
  • HPRB proposal submission
  • on-going HPRB responsibilities as a researcher