PLU researchers (faculty, staff, administrators)

Welcome! We review all research with human participants conducted by or with members of the PLU community. We work to ensure that participants are treated with dignity and respect by upholding the principles of the Belmont Report and established federal guidelines.

PLU also has an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure the humane and ethical treatment of laboratory animals. PLU’s HPRB and IACUC perform the functions of what are commonly referred to as IRBs (Institutional Review Boards).


Already know how to submit?

Submit all HPRB proposals via our online system, Mentor.
Be sure to use the newest versions of our templates.

Missed the changes that went into effect Fall 2018?

Here are the biggest changes (aside from the new online submission system, Mentor)

1. Optional diagnostic pre-survey
This helps you decide if your project is “research” needing review (exempt, expedited, or full board) or not (e.g., quality improvement, other non-research). This pre-survey will launch when you create new proposal in Mentor.

2. Changes for quality improvement (QI) projects (Nursing)
Investigators who believe their projects to be QI should review this QI information page and take our diagnostic pre-survey through Mentor. Projects qualifying as QI will no longer routinely be reviewed by the PLU HPRB. QI projects—even those that will be presented or published—are not intended to contribute to generalizable knowledge, and as such are not considered “research” according to the federal definition. Investigators conducting QI projects should work with administration or the IRB at the research site (e.g., hospital).

3. HPRB proposal form revisions
We have taken this opportunity to revise our form with a goal of minimizing stipulations. Many questions are yes/no or multiple choice, with explanations required for only certain responses.

4. More research will be reviewed as exempt
The Mentor pre-survey includes questions relevant to the different exemption categories. There is no longer a separate exempt form to be completed. If the HPRB determines a project to be exempt, further HPRB review or oversight will not be required, unless there are changes in the nature or scope of the project. Exempt reviews will have quicker review times.

5. Template revisions and additions
All consent documents have changed, so be sure to use current versions. We have also added new templates (e.g., for anonymous online surveys, parental consent for work with children, debriefing)

6. Supplemental forms for certain kinds of research
Certain kinds of research will require completion of a supplemental form (part of the online proposal in Mentor). Currently, there are supplemental forms for research with children and research with international/non-English-speaking populations.

7. New post-approval responsibilities for investigators
Mentor will send out automatic notifications before expedited or full board approval expires. You are responsible for submitting a request for continuation or project completion report.

8. New resources for instructors, students, and faculty supervising student research
If you are an instructor or a faculty supervisor for a student researcher, please see the new sections of our website just for you. Be sure to look at a new classroom research policy. We have tried to create a user-friendly student page, so we hope you will send your students there.