Step 1: Check if you need HPRB review

Go to our online submission site, Mentor, and complete the diagnostic pre-survey. This will help you determine whether your project meets the federal definition of Human Subjects Research (HSR) and, if so, what kind of review is recommended: exempt, expedited, or full board review.

Human Subjects Research (HSR) is…

a systematic investigation—including research development, testing, and evaluation—involving a living individual about whom you obtain:

  • data through intervention or interaction (including surveys and interviews), and/or
  • identifiable private information in a form that can be linked with that individual.

designed to develop or contribute to “generalizable knowledge.” Findings disseminated with the intent to influence behavior, practice, theory, future research designs, etc. are contributing to generalizable knowledge.

When in doubt, contact the HPRB ( and we can help you figure it out.