Department of Residential Life

Settling In to Your New Home

Well, this is it. College life. You are all settled and into the swing of things and realizing “Hey! This is not like the movies!” We know. In so many ways it is so much better than what you expected, but challenging in ways you didn’t see coming. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are some great pieces of advice from some of our RA’s who are always here to help.

Bastian M. and Will R. from Hinderlie have this to say:

  • “Find a club that is not related to your major, but is a hobby/interest of yours to keep your life balanced.”
  • “Being stressed is okay, but take care of yourself!”

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Tori H.D. and Shalyn V.B. from Hong said to be sure to utilize academic resources (ex: professors and the Academic Assistance Center or AAC)

Anthony A. and Janet D.C. from Hong and Hinderlie offer this great advice: “You don’t need to be BFF’s with your roommate. You just need to get along.”

Lisa H. (Hong) and John D. (Hinderlie) remind you to “Learn to say no! Don’t overbook.”

Almost everyone we asked mentioned the importance of sleep and getting involved on campus. “Get some shut eye! Even a 20 minute nap goes a long way!” say Anthony A. and Janet D.C. (Hinderlie and Hong, respectively)

Devin H. from Kreidler weighed in with this great advice: “A good way to get involved is to watch out for the late night programming events every Wednesday. They are consistent and fun and a really cool way to meet really cool people.”

And finally, Matt M. from Pflueger sums it up perfectly: “Keep a positive attitude, surround yourself with people who care about your success and most of all, take time to enjoy college!”

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