Wang Center Study Away Programs

Chinese bridgeSemester Study Away
PLU students earn academic credit and use Financial Aid & Scholarships to study away for a semester or a full year.

Students standing in front of lights on buildingShort Term Study Away
PLU students study all over the world for 3 – 6 weeks. Academic content, location and duration vary.

Global Scholar

Global Scholar Awards are available for students studying away on PLU Gateway programs during Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters as well as J-Term 2015. Please visit the Wang Center for a brochure and application details. Learn More

International Internships

International Internships may be completed concurrently with a study away program. The PLU semester programs that currently offer an internship option are Oaxaca, Mexico, Windhoek, Namibia and AHA London. Many Approved Programs also offer internship and/or research as a component to the study away program. For details on the internship programs that are available, please contact the Wang Center.

Student Stories

Learn about these students’ experiences with semester study away programs