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J-Term Programs

A J-Term study away program is held in January, between the Fall and Spring semesters.  These short-term, faculty-led study away programs are intensive academic experiences that are initiated, organized, and carried out by members of the PLU faculty, with assistance from the Wang Center for Global Education.  Each J-Term, approximately 300 students immerse themselves in a new country, culture or discipline that they many have never imagined. 

Video by Kiera Carpenter:
J-term 2014 Manchester
J-Term 2015 Applications

Extended Application Deadlines (based on program availability):

September 30th: J-Term 2015 international off-campus courses

November 1st: J-Term 2015 domestic off-campus courses outside WA state

November 21st: J-Term 2015 domestic off-campus courses within WA state

*Students must be registered as full-time in the fall or spring semesters to receive J-Term study away credits at no charge.  If students are only registered as part-time, tuition charges will apply in addition to the published J-Term study away program fees.*

J-Term 2015 Course Offerings

The following J-Term 2015 study away courses are closed:

Ecuador and Peru (ENGL 234)
Greece (RELI 213)

Hungary (EDUC 385)
Indonesia (ARTD 388)
Namibia (EDUC 385/585)

Tobago (SOCW 325)

Please consider applying for an alternate program.

International Offerings:

Andean History

Gina Hames, History


Business and Culture of China and South Korea

Brian Maeng, Business


Environmental Literature in Ecuador and Peru: Galapagos, Amazon and Andes

Charles Bergman, English

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course


Language and Culture in the New Germany

Kirsten Christensen, Languages and Literatures


Eternal Summer Gilds Them Yet: The Literature, Legend, and Legacy of Ancient Greece

Tyler Travillian, Languages and Literatures

The Wang Center will continue to accept applications for the Greece (CLAS 241) program from qualified first-year students who are enrolled in Greek/Latin courses for the Fall 2014 semester.


RELI 213: Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (RG)

Antonios Finitsis, Religion

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course

Greece flyer

Comparative Education - Hungary

Frank Kline, Education

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course

Hungary flyer

Saraswati: The Exploration of Art, Culture, and Spirituality in Bali

JP Avila, Art

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course

course flyer

Comparative Education - Namibia

Jan Weiss, Education

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course


Learning While Tramping on the Track of New Zealand

Bradford Moore, Kinesiology


Social, Educational, and Health Services in Tobago

JoDee Keller, Social Work

COURSE CLOSED: Please consider an alternate J-term course

course flyer

Spanish Immersion in Montevideo

Perla Gamboa, Languages and Literatures


** Wang Center staff regularly assess the political situations at all PLU program sites in light of student safety and health so that you have a safe and productive educational experience while studying away. **

Domestic Offerings:

Economics of Sports

Mark Reiman, Economics

Norris Peterson, Economics

course flyer

Makah Culture Past and Present

David Huelsbeck, Anthropology

course flyer

January Term on the Hilltop

Kathy Russell, Social Work

Course Flyer

Democracy in Theory and in Practice

Michael Schleeter, Philosophy


Canceled Courses:

The following courses received support and approval by the Department Chair, Academic Dean, Global Education Committee, Executive Director of the Wang Center, and Provost, but were canceled for various reasons.  This program listing is for informational purposes only.

Printmaking in China

Craig Cornwall, Art

**The Wang Center will support two MBA International Experience programs in 2015:

Please contact the School of Business if you are interested in any of these program opportunities, 253-535-7244 or

January 2015 - Peru
Exploring the Wonders of Peru: International Business and Culture
Professor Mark Mulder

Spring Break 2015 - China & Taiwan
Business Culture and Management in East Asia
Professor Chung-Shing Lee

J-Term 2014 Course Offerings