J-Term Programs

A J-Term study away program is held in January, between the Fall and Spring semesters.  These short-term, faculty-led study away programs are intensive academic experiences that are initiated, organized, and carried out by members of the PLU faculty, with assistance from the Wang Center for Global Education.  Each J-Term, students immerse themselves in a new country, culture or discipline that they many have never imagined.

*Students must be registered as full-time in the fall or spring semesters to receive J-Term study away credits at no charge.  If students are only registered as part-time, tuition charges will apply in addition to the published J-Term study away program fees.*

J-Term 2016 Course Offerings

Click here and see below for a list of J-Term 2016 study away programs!
Program fees will be finalized during February-April.
The J-Term study away application will be made available soon.
The J-Term 2016 study away application deadline is April 20th.
Check back frequently for updates!

J-Term 2016 Course Offerings

Check back regularly for program updates!

International Offerings:

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany (MUSI 101/390)

Music Capitals of the World

Dr. Edwin Powell, Music


Bolivia and Peru (HIST 344)

Andean History

Dr. Gina Hames, History


The Caribbean (BUSA 308 / ENGL 216)

Principles of Marketing / Literature and History of the Caribbean

Dr. Nancy Albers-Miller, Business

Dr. Thomas Krise, English

China (CHSP 287 / NURS 287)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Theory, Practice & Policy

Dr. Lorena Guerrero, Nursing

Professor Barbara Olson, Nursing


Denmark and Sweden (BUSA 202/302)

Financial Accounting / Business Finance

Dr. Fabio Ambrosio, Business

Dr. Tim Mooney, Business


Ecuador (BIOL 366)

Comparative Ecology of Latin America

Dr. William Teska, Biology

England (COMA 235/493)

Communication in Professional Settings

Professor Hal DeLaRosby, Communication


England (PSYC 483)

Psychology of Expertise: London as a case study

Dr. Wendelyn Shore, Psychology

Dr. Marianne Taylor, Psychology


England and Scotland (HIST 332)

Tudor England

Dr. Michael Halvorson, History

Germany and The Netherlands (MUSI 390)

Churches, Organs, and Art in The Netherlands and Germany

Dr. Paul Tegels, Music


Italy (CLAS 241/341)

Behind the Marble, Beneath the Toga: The Real Lives, Writings, and Remains of the Romans

Dr. Tyler Travillian, Classics


Italy (ECON 215)

Investigating Economic and Environmental Change in Europe

Dr. Karen Travis, Economics

Martinique (FREN 241)

French Language / Caribbean Culture in Martinique

Dr. Rebecca Wilkin, French

Tobago (SOCW 325)

Social, Educational, and Health Services in Tobago

Dr. JoDee Keller, Social Work

Uganda (ENGL 234)

Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and More: Volunteering and On Safari with the Wildlife of Uganda

Dr. Charles Bergman, English

United Arab Emirates (ARTD 388 / WMGS 388)

Sex in the Emirate City: Gender and Design in Dubai

Professor Jp Avila, Art and Design

Dr. Jennifer Smith, Women’s and Gender Studies

Uruguay (HISP 201, 202, 301, 401)

Intensive Spanish in Montevideo

Dr. Emily Davidson, Hispanic Studies

** Wang Center staff regularly assess the political situations at all PLU program sites in light of student safety and health so that you have a safe and productive educational experience while studying away. **

Domestic Offerings:

Arizona, California, Hawaii (ECON 190/388)

Economics of Sports and Recreation

Dr. Norris Peterson, Economics

Dr. Mark Reiman, Economics

Hawaii (RELI 132)

The Religions of East Asia

Dr. Erik Hammerstrom, Religion

Holden Village, Washington (PHIL 226)

Environmental Ethics

Dr. Sergia Hay, Philosophy

Neah Bay, Washington (ANTH 190/192/491)

Makah Culture Past and Present

Dr. David Huelsbeck, Anthropology


Tacoma, Washington (SOCW 175/491)

January Term on the Hilltop

Dr. Kathleen Russell, Social Work


**The Wang Center will support one MBA International Experience program in 2016:
Please contact the School of Business if you are interested in any of these program opportunities, 253-535-7244 or business@plu.edu

January 2016 – India
Business and Culture in India
Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Business