Journey Away for January Term

Each January, PLU offers a variety of local and global faculty-led study away courses.  These intensive short-term travel programs are academically integrated experiences, carefully planned and administered by PLU faculty and Wang Center staff.  J-Term study away courses are Global Scholar Award eligible and students are encouraged to check out these external scholarship/funding resources.

J-Term Study Away Course Offerings

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  • Feb. 8th: J-Term 2018 study away application opens
  • March 8th: Attend the Study Away Fair (10am-2pm, AUC Regency)!
  • April 1st: J-Term 2018 program fees finalized
  • April 15th: J-Term 2018 study away application deadline
  • May 1st: Global Scholar Award application deadline
  • May 5th: J-Term 2018 acceptance notifications
  • May 26th: J-Term 2018 confirmation deadline

** Wang Center staff regularly assess the political situations at all PLU program sites in light of student safety and health so that you have a safe and productive educational experience while studying away. **

The Wang Center offers support for the following BMBA 509 Global Business Perspectives programs:
Please contact the School of Business if you are interested in these program opportunities, 253-535-7244 or

  • March 25 – April 1, 2017 – Brazil
    Dr. Chung-Shing Lee
  • January 2018 – Mexico
    Dr. Tim Mooney
  • March 2018 – China
    Dr. Chung-Shing Lee
  • March 2018 – Peru
    Dr. Mark Mulder

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