Students at Work

Each year PLU students are hard at work doing independent research, working with faculty on their research, doing internships in local museums and businesses, and otherwise being of service to the community. On this page we highlight a few of their recent accomplishments.

Severtson Award

S. Erving Severtson/Forest Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowships are presented to students in the Social Science disciplines to allow them to conduct research with faculty mentors. Students (and their mentors) apply in the Spring semester. Ideally, interested students should meet with potential mentors by the beginning of the Spring semester.

S. Erving Severtson/Forest Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Ellie Lapp (faculty: Ami Shah)
Images that Aid: The Production and Consumption of Humanitarian Marketing

Emma Holm (faculty: Bradford Andrews)
Defining Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Mount Rainier Area

Alison Tecca (faculty: Bradford Andrews)
Late Holocene Use of the Mt. Rainier Area: Inferences Drawn From Comparative Flaked Stone Tool Data

Hannah Tofte (faculty: Bradford Andrews)
Prehistoric Technology, Subsistence, and Settlement in the Grand Park Area

Lindsay Zager (faculty: Bradford Andrews)
Academic Activism Through an Educated Lens: Primate Observation to Promote Primate Conservation

Krystle Amundson (faculty: Neal Sobania)
The Hans and Thelma Lehman Collection of African Art at PLU: An Updated, Informative Interpretation

Jeffrey Horton, Jeni Morris, and Stefanie Midlock (faculty: David Huelsbeck)
Terrestrial Paleoshoreline Sites: The Lithic Assemblage
Terrestrial Paleoshoreline Sites: The Mammal Bone Assemblages
Terrestrial Paleoshoreline Sites: The Fish Remains

Ryan Snodrass and Gabrielle Brockman (faculty: Kevin Vaughn)
Excavations in Peru

Aaron Dennis (faculty: David Huelsbeck)
Prehistoric Fish Remains: Fiji

Curating the New Guinea Collection

Krystal Amundson has worked identifying and presenting the artifacts given to PLU by the Groh family in honor of their husband and father. Krystal put the final touches on the display case in Xavier Hall where she highlights a selection of the artifacts.