The Department of Anthropology is proud to present the 2023 Senior Capstones.

The presentations are given on May 9th and 11th in Karen Hille Phillips Center, Room 201 – Ness Family Lobby.

Click on each student name to see their presentation title.

May 9, 2023
Evidence of Forager-Collector Systems in Obsidian Lithic Provenance Studies in Northwestern Washington
Finding Clues in the Soil: Extracting Ancient DNA from Cooper's Ferry, Idaho
12:30-12:35 - Break
Piercing the Heart of the Questions: The Battlefield Effectiveness of Mongol Bows Against Armor
QAnon: The Role of the Internet, Ideology, and Social Ties in Uniting the Political Fringes in Dangerous Conspiracy Theory
May 11, 2023
Cultural Replication and Polythetic Group Enculturation at Holden Village
The (Re)Negotiation of Gender Roles and Cultural Identity in a Greek-American Community
Go in Peace, Serve the Lord: Examining Racial Hierarchy in Christian Faith-Based Humanitarianism
12:45-12:50 - Break
Heritage Language Revitalization: Approaches to Teaching the Lushootseed Language to a New Generation of Speakers and the Impact of COVID-19 on Language Immersion Programs
Rumbling Lands: The Return of the Bison and its Effect on Lakota Culture