Helpful Links

This page offers links to sites within the PLU network as well as external links.  Hopefully, these links will be helpful in finding Anthropological information on the PLU web page as well as navigating through the plethora of information on the web.

PLU Links

The PLU Home page is Here you will find links to all areas of the university, the catalog, and a list of registering classes.

If you are looking to take an Anthropology class at PLU, you can get registration information here, or visit the web page another time at

If you are a PLU student who wishes to join the Anthropology Club or to learn more about the club, click here.

To declare your major or minor contact the Department Chair.

Check out the Lute Locker site and browse books by PLU authors!

General Anthropology Links

American Anthropological Association (

Society for American Archaeology (

Society for Applied Anthropology (