Cumulative Competencies for the Anthropology Minor

Students at graduation

Level I: Anthropology 100 Level Courses

By the end of their first year, minors should have taken 2 Anthropology 100 level courses and:

  • know and use¬†anthropological concepts
  • know the major perspectives of anthropology (linguistic, cultural, archaeological, biological) and be familiar with the general orientation of the two of these perspectives
  • appreciate and be aware of the diversity of humans in space and time
  • understand the effects of social race, class, and ethnicity on human life
  • have experience writing anthropologically
  • be able to think critically

Level II: Anthropology 100 & 200 Courses

By the end of their second year, minors should have completed their 100-level course requirements, and:

  • be able to integrate the¬†perspectives of three areas of anthropology
  • be able to apply anthropological concepts to specific cultures
  • know how to find anthropological literature on relevant topics (articles, ethnographies, research projects)
  • be able to develop oral presentations

Level III: Anthropology 300 & 400 Level Courses

During their third year minors should be able to:

  • understand a culture area, including the similarities and diversities in it
  • look at a cultural topic in a large number of cultures throughout the world
  • read and use scholarly literature
  • recognize theory and method in the anthropological literature
  • develop an integrated research paper using professional sources
  • consistently and accurately use the American Anthropological Association and American Antiquity style citation formats