Academic Success Strategies

The Common Reading Program supports new students in learning successful academic behaviors: plan to succeed, expect to be challenged, be prepared and organized, and build relationships.

Plan to Succeed

  • Attend class. If unable to attend, communicate with your professor.
  • Be prepared to participate in class.
  • Bring energy for learning; be interested and engaged.
  • Know and follow classroom norms and etiquette.

Expect to be Challenged

  • Spend energy and focus on your studies outside of class.
  • Read and re-read; write and re-write.
  • Be open to constructive criticism.

Be Prepared & Organized

  • Bring note-taking materials.
  • Bring your books and be familiar with them (scan the Table of Contents, browse through the chapters).
  • Study your syllabus and bring a copy to class to note changes.

Build Relationships

  • Plan to make connections; introduce yourself to faculty & your fellow students.
  • Attend your professors’ office hour schedule. Learn how to make an appointment and the preferred contact method (e.g., email, phone, in person).