FYE Requirements

What It Takes

The first year experience is a sequence of courses designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be a successful college student and a thoughtful, engaged and caring member of society. First-Year classes assist with the transition to college academics and create small learning communities that support you academically and personally. First-Year Experience is structured to provide you with an engaging learning environment.

First-Year Writing Seminar

FYE Writing Seminars (WRIT 101) are required of all First-Year students. These classes help you learn the skills necessary to be a better writer, researcher and critical thinker in college. No single course can teach you how to write well — it is a skill that you will spend your college career developing. Your First-Year Writing Seminar will provide you with a solid foundation for your future by teaching you to approach writing in a unique way – as a process of exploring and articulating ideas.

January Term

All First-Year students are required to enroll in a four-credit course during J-Term —  a one-month term characterized by distinctive learning experiences. The first-year J-Term will expose you to the best of PLU: experiential learning; intensive classes; co-curricular programs; global education.

First-Year Inquiry Seminar

FYE Inquiry Seminars, specially designed for First-Year students, will introduce you to the methods and topics of study within a particular academic discipline or field. You might learn, for example, how geoscientists reconstruct the history of our planet, how religious historians approach the Bible, and more! Each Inquiry Seminar fulfills a general university departmental, program, or school requirement. Inquiry seminars also emphasize the academic skills that are at the center of the FYE.