Selection Process

A committee of faculty, staff, and students from across campus participates in the Common Reading book selection process. The committee considers the goals of the program, along with other selection criteria, including literary quality, compatibility with the Integrative Learning Objectives and the potential to stimulate engaging, interactive discussions.

In keeping with the campus-wide focus of the program, the selection committee intentionally seeks out books with themes that will allow students and faculty to have academic discussion from a variety of disciplinary lenses, with particular interest in finding books that speak to themes of diversity, social justice, sustainability, and/or ideas of difference.

2020.2021 Common Reading Book Selection Committee Members

Michael Artime, Political Science

Austin Biermann, Center for Student Success

Corey Cook, Psychology

Kerry Dunn, Social Work

Oksana Ejokina, Music

Megan Grover, Wang Center for Global Education

Andrea Munro, Chemistry

Mike Rings, Philosophy

Luke Ruiz, The Diversity Center

Jen Rude, Campus Ministry

Nancy Simpson-Younger, English

Paul Sutton, Education – Co-Chair

Angie Hambrick, Student Life – Co-Chair