SoN Program Improvement Plans

Purpose: The program specific Program Evaluation Committees (ABSN, BSN, MSN, DNP) facilitate the development, maintenance, and implementation of School of Nursing (SoN) evaluation/assessment activities and processes as described in the Systematic Evaluation Plan (SEP). This process is achieved through collaboration with SoN faculty and appropriate SoN committees for the review and analysis of evaluation reports, and with the SoN for discussion, analysis, and quality improvement decision-making. The outcome is to recommend SoN improvement initiatives based on the analysis of assessment/evaluation data and is documented in the comprehensive Program Improvement Plan (PIP). The PIP process consists of the Plan – Do – Study – Act method.  This process occurs throughout the academic year, and discussed in program level faculty meetings as well as the School of Nursing Organizational meetings (SNO meetings).  Program level leads will present a comprehensive report updating the faculty during initial SNO meetings of the Fall and Spring semesters.