Peer Review

Purpose: Peer review fosters a continuous learning culture, development and sharing of best practices in teaching, and is consistent with professional accountability and self-regulation associated with the practice of nursing.

In recognition that teaching is a dynamic and ongoing process, the PLU School of Nursing uses peer review to encourage open feedback and ongoing development of all instructors teaching didactic and/or clinical courses.

Peer Review Frequency Requirements and Guidelines:

      • Tenure-Track Faculty: Annually.
      • Fulltime, Part-time, Clinical only: Every 2 years.
      • New faculty: At end of first year, then every 2 years.


      • KU Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness Protocol for Course Focused Peer Review (Fall 2021).
      • Follmer Greenhoot, A., Ward, D., Bernstein, D., Patterson, M. M., & Colyott, K. (2020). Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness. (Revised 2020).

RAD: December 2022, SNO Approved: January 2023

Peer Review Process: 

  1. Faculty interested in a peer review should go to Sakai—> SoN Teaching in Excellence site—>Table of Contents —> Peer Review
  2. Choose a reviewer from the list
  3. Choose the appropriate form (didactic vs clinical)
  4. Contact reviewer to schedule review
  5. It is highly recommended that faculty include the completed peer review with annual self-assessment submission.

Please refer to the Peer Review Documents section or the Sakai SoN Excellence in Teaching site for:

  • List of reviewers
  • Didactic peer review form
  • Clinical peer review form