Requirements for a Major in Global Studies

  1. Global Studies Core (16 semester hours)
    • GLST/ANTH/HIST 210 Global Perspectives (4 credits)
    • Select two courses from the following three:
      • Anthropology 102: Human Cultural Diversity (4 credits)
      • Econ 111 Global and Environmental Economic Principles (4 credits)
      • History 215 Modern World History (4 credits)
    • Global Studies 499 Research Seminar (4 credits)
  2. Issue Area Concentrations (16 semester hours)
    • Four courses must be taken from one of the five concentrations outlined below. At least 3 of the 4 courses counted toward a concentration must be at the 300 level or higher.
  3. Language
    • Students must demonstrate proficiency in a language relevant to their coursework and at a level consistent with Option 1 of the College of Arts and Sciences foreign language requirement. This may be accomplished through a proficiency examination or through the equivalent of 16 semester hours of coursework.
  4. Off-Campus Study Component
    • Majors are required to participate in an off-campus study program overseas. While abroad students must earn 8 semester hours of credit related to the global studies core or the student’s global studies concentration. At least 4 credits must relate directly to the student’s global studies concentration. For example, this study abroad requirement could be met by taking two appropriate J-term courses, or by 8 semester hours of appropriate coursework taken during a semester abroad. Language study coursework does not necessarily count for this requirement; coursework must deal with the contemporary world and its issues. Obtaining pre-approval for credit is encouraged. Local internships related to an area concentration and involving a cross-cultural setting may be allowed in exceptional circumstances. The Global Studies chair must approve exceptions.
  5. Senior Research Project
    • The senior project is a general university requirement in all programs and majors. Students will normally satisfy this requirement by completing a research project or paper in Global Studies 499.

As a Global Studies major, you also will need to choose a minor or another major that complements your studies.

Requirements for a Minor in Global Studies

  1. GLST/ANTH/HIST 210 Global Perspectives (4 credits)
  2. One course from ANTH 102, ECON 111, or HIST 215
  3. Three courses in one concentration
  4. Foreign Language
    • One semester of 200-level college coursework in a foreign language, or equivalent proficiency.
  5. Study Away
    • At least 4 credits of study abroad coursework related to the contemporary world and its issues. For example, one appropriate J-term course.