Global Studies Program


A. Global Studies Core (16 semester hours)

    » Anthro/History/Political Science 210 Global Perspectives (4 credits)

    » Select two courses from the following three:

            Anthropology 102: Human Cultural Diversity (4 credits) 

            Econ 111 Global and Environmental Economic Principles (4 credits)

            History 215 Modern World History (4 credits)

    » Global Studies 499 Research Seminar (4 credits)

B. Issue Area Concentrations (16 semester hours)

Four courses must be taken from one of the five concentrations outlined below. At least 3 of the 4 courses counted toward a concentration must be at the 300 level or higher.

C. Language

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a language relevant to their coursework and at a level consistent with Option 1 of the College of Arts and Sciences foreign language requirement. This may be accomplished through a proficiency examination or through the equivalent of 16 semester hours of coursework.

D. Off-Campus Study Component

Majors are required to participate in an off-campus study program overseas. While abroad students must earn 8 semester hours of credit related to the global studies core or the student's global studies concentration. At least 4 credits must relate directly to the student's global studies concentration. For example, this study abroad requirement could be met by taking two appropriate J-term courses, or by 8 semester hours of appropriate coursework taken during a semester abroad. Language study coursework does not necessarily count for this requirement; coursework must deal with the contemporary world and its issues. Obtaining pre-approval for credit is encouraged. Local internships related to an area concentration and involving a cross-cultural setting may be allowed in exceptional circumstances. The Global Studies chair must approve exceptions.

E. Senior Research Project 

The senior project is a general university requirement in all programs and majors. Students will normally satisfy this requirement by completing a research project or paper in Global Studies 499.


A.     Anthro/History/Political Science 210 Global Perspectives (4 credits)

B.     One course from ANTH 102, ECON 111, or HIST 215

C.     Three courses in one concentration

D.     Foreign Language

One semester of 200-level college coursework in a foreign language, or equivalent proficiency.

E.     Study Away

At least 4 credits of study abroad coursework related to the contemporary world and its issues. For example, one appropriate J-term course.