Department ofMathematics

Math Study Opportunities Outside of PLU

Summer Opportunities

Study Away Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to learn mathematics in a variety of countries, and students are encouraged to spend some time studying mathematics abroad. Perhaps the most well-known and successful study abroad program in mathematics is the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. We also recommend PLU’s gateway study abroad programs in Trinidad & Tobago or in Namibia. Neither of these programs are specifically for math majors, but students can take rigorous mathematics classes at the University of the West Indies or the University of Namibia while studying abroad. 

Also, the  Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College offers two programs for women: the  Junior Program, for undergraduate math majors, and the  Post-Baccalaureate Program, for college graduates who did not major in math or "whose math major was light".

Internship Opportunities

For more information about possible internships, you should consult the PLU Academic Internship Office.