2022 Mathematics Capstone Symposium

Friday, May 6th
Join the Mathematics Department in Morken 216 to hear the senior capstone presentations. If you’d like to watch the presentations virtually, please email Dr. Daniel Heath (heathdj@plu.edu) for the Zoom link.

Hannah Tate
An introduction to climate science, emphasizing the significance of mathematical modeling in communicating climate data and engaging a wide audience in the fight against the climate crisis. 

Drake Nguyen
We will be looking at specifically non-linear chaotic dynamical systems. We will first spend some time going over the Lorenz system to better understand what chaotic systems are. Then we will analyze the equilibrium points and stability of that system. Finally will apply what we have learned about chaotic dynamics to oncology, and more specifically the chaotic behaviors of chemotherapy.

Jacob Espinosa
We explore Raabe’s test and it’s usefulness when other convergence test fails as well as some of its limitations.

Kevin Canady-Pete
We will be exploring the world of Iterated functions and the fractal Images that they can create. Through studying iterated functions and noting the specific patterns that take place, we are able to better understand these fantastic images.

2:30 – 3:00pm Break

Connor Lemma
We will investigate Markov Chains and their properties. After developing an understanding of Markov Chains, we will apply their theoretical and practical modeling uses to social justice issues.

Riley Buckmaster
An Exploration of Complex Analysis focusing on Integrals, Derivatives and Taylor Series in the Complex Numbers.

Nathan Edwards
We will explore how to solve the single-player board game Peg Solitaire using group theory.