Math Careers

People with a background in mathematics find jobs in all areas. For more resources for what you can do with a focus in Mathematics, see the following links:

Prof. Tom Edgar talks about their student-prof math research at PLU on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. (Photo/John Froschauer)

The following is also a useful checklist for things to do when preparing to enter the job market. Remember, it is never too early to prepare for your career.

  1. Get advice. Talk to faculty members about careers and what classes you should take now to make yourself more hireable when you graduate. Also you will want to know if you should get a graduate degree after you finish at PLU.
  2. Sharpen your computer skills. Most careers for math majors require working with computers. Strong computer skills are a big help in finding a job. Take courses and learn some software packages.
  3. Have a minor or second major. Graduates who know math and something else are most desirable. Choose a minor that you enjoy. Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics and Business all fit in well with Math. But English or a foreign language also make sense.
  4. Get involved! Employers like to hire people who can work well with others. Extra curricular activities or jobs where you work with others and learn to communicate with others are the sort of thing employers look for.
  5. Take advantage of summer jobs or any internship opportunities you can find. The more experience you can get the more hireable you are.