Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is to provide an excellent education for all students. As one of the traditional academic disciplines, mathematics is deeply rooted in the liberal arts education and is the backbone for many areas of study, including Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Professional Schools.

In filling many roles at PLU, the Department of Mathematics serves a diverse group of students. It nurtures all liberal arts students, gives a solid foundation to the science students, provides the tools needed to the professional students, and cultivates mathematics majors. We strive to prepare our majors and minors for more advanced graduate work or for entering the work force. Through research, the department seeks to expand fundamental knowledge of mathematics and students are invited to join faculty on this journey.

Department Goals

  • To create an atmosphere that encourages students and supports their efforts;
  • To develop the analytical and quantitative reasoning skills of all students;
  • To encourage advanced students to be creators of mathematics by introducing rigorous mathematical reasoning and by expecting them to take the intellectual risk inherent in raising questions and formulating conjectures;
  • To use and maintain a variety of appropriate technological tools throughout our curriculum;
  • To work with students independently or collaboratively to help them make sense of and understand mathematics;
  • To promote effective teaching through attendance at workshops and conferences on teaching;
  • To keep faculty involved in professional growth.

Student writing math problem on board in Math Lab