Department ofResidential Life

Tom Huelsbeck

Associate Dean of Campus Life, Executive Director of Residential Life

Office 253-535-7200

Jes Takla

Director of Residential Programs

Office 253-535-7597

Rebecca Rumpza

Residential Life Facilities Coordinator, Office Supervisor

Office 253-535-7655

Dana McDonald

Residential Operations Coordinator

Office 253-535-7200

Ginny Cooper

Senior Office Assistant Residential Life

Office 253-535-8449

Angel de Jesus Gonzalez

Resident Director Foss and Pflueger Halls

Office 253.535.8000

Melissa Williams

Resident Director Harstad Hall

Office 253-535-8373

Kat Slaby

Resident Director Hong and Hinderlie Halls

Office 253-535-8600

Luke Ruiz

Resident Director South and Kreidler Halls

Office (253) 538-5599

Mercy Daramola

Resident Director Ordal and Stuen Halls

Office 253-535-7700

Dan Hammerquist

Resident Director Tingelstad Hall

Office 253-535-8349