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Home At Last

Study away can be a change-your-life experience - and it doesn’t end when you get on the plane to come back.

Returning home can be both comforting and challenging. You’ll see contrasts between your experiences in another culture and your life in the U.S. Coming home is the beginning of the next step along your journey.


"The W-Curve of Intercultural Sojourning"


Photo by Brook McIntyre

You may feel overwhelmed by the American lifestyle. You may question the connections between what you've experienced abroad and how you live here in the U.S. It may be difficult to find connections to your coursework on campus. There are plenty of resources  at PLU to help you process your time abroad, connect with other students who have had similar experiences, re-engage in your community and plan for the next phase of your journey.

Talk About It

Returner Welcome & Reflection Series

Every fall and spring semester the Wang Center hosts a Returner Welcome Party. PLU also offers a Returner Reflection Series. Faculty and/or administrative leaders guide students recently back from study away through a process of deeply considering many aspects of their experiences. This opportunity to thoughtfully contemplate and share with others is offered to students able to commit to attending all scheduled gatherings. Most semesters offer two groups of Returner Reflections. Each group meets for about 5 weeks, once per week. For information contact Carmen Eyssautier at

Wild Hope Center for Vocation

Your study abroad experience may have raised questions for you about your purpose in life. At PLU, the Wild Hope Center for Vocation asks this question: "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" On the Wild Hope website, you'll find a list of other big questions to ask yourself and links to student activities.

Put Your Experience to Work


These resources have been developed/adapted by Andrew Nelson, PLU Study Away alum (Scotland, 2013). We recommend taking a look both before and after studying away.