Women's and Gender Studies Major


The Women’s and Gender Studies major is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary complementary major. Conferral of a baccalaureate degree with a major in Women’s and Gender Studies requires completion of a second major from any discipline in the university. Students are encouraged to declare both majors simultaneously and to plan a program aware of the possibilities for applying individual courses to both majors. The Women’s and Gender Studies major allows application of courses from the second major and for general university requirements to the Women’s and Gender Studies major.

32 semester hours, including:

  • WMGS 201: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (offered every fall and spring semester)
  • WMGS 301: Feminist and Gender Theories (offered every fall semester)
  • WMGS 499: Women’s and Gender Studies Senior Capstone (offered every spring semester)
  • 20 additional semester hours:
    • must be selected from list of WMGS-approved courses;
    • must be selected from at least four disciplines;
    • must be selected from two different divisions or schools;
    • only one course may be at the 100-level; and
    • at least three of these courses must be at 300 or 400-level.
    • Courses from any discipline that are not on the approved list, for which at least 60% of the assignments center on women, feminism, gender, and/or sexuality, may also count for the WMGS major. This allows the integration of Women’s and Gender Studies perspectives into courses that are not explicitly or entirely structured around those perspectives. Students should consult the Women’s and Gender Studies chair about this option before the course begins (when possible) and provide syllabi and assignments to the Women’s and Gender Studies Executive Committee for approval upon completion of the course.