GSRS 201 : Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies - A

An interdisciplinary introduction to the concepts, themes, topics, and methods that are central to the study of gender, sexuality, race, and their relationship to other identity categories. Central concepts include knowledge production, the social construction of identity, theories of intersectionality, reflecting on power and privilege, and experimenting with different aspects of praxis and activism. Open to all students; required for GSRS majors and minors. (4)

GSRS 301 : Theories of Gender, Sexuality, and Race

This course explores theories of gender, sexuality, and race from global and intersectional perspectives. Students will also examine the interdisciplinary applications of such theories as well as their relevance to social justice movements and activist work. Prerequisites: GSRS 201, major/minor status, or permission of instructor; required for GSRS majors and minors. (4)

GSRS 499 : Senior Capstone

During their culminating seminar, Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies majors will develop an academic project that applies theories of gender, sexuality, and/or race and feminist, queer, and/or anti-racist methodologies to their experiences in a community-based practicum. Prerequisites: GSRS 301, major status, or permission of instructor. Students are advised to have completed at least twelve hours of cross-listed coursework counting towards the GSRS major in addition to GSRS prerequisites. (4)