The Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies program brings together expertise from over a dozen academic departments to offer a cutting-edge and relevant major, along with two innovative minors, for PLU students. We recognize that the critical study of identity and power does not “belong” to any one academic discipline. Our major and minors allow student to select courses from a variety of programs–including Sociology, English, Psychology, Communication, Kinesiology, Religion, and many others–while providing a set of core courses (GSRS 201, GSRS 301, GSRS 499) that provide students methodological and theoretical tools to analyze gender, sexuality, and race. Students in our major and minors graduate with both knowledge and experience of how to collaborate across various forms of difference, preparing them to work in the diverse environments of 21st-century workplaces.

We welcome and encourage double majors! The GSRS major fits well with many other PLU majors, and students may count up to 3 courses from their other major towards the GSRS major. All GSRS majors are required to complete at least a minor in another department or program.

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