The Gender, Sexuality, & Race Program is pleased to present the Spring 2024 Capstones.

May 22, 2024 – Xavier Hall, Room 201 – 1:00-4:00 pm

1:00-1:05 pm - Welcome
1:05 pm - Cece Chan

 The Gray Truths Behind the Flowers: Uncovering the Assumed, Invisible, and Exploited Labor of Hmong Flower Farmers at Pike Place Market

1:20 pm - Isaiah Lenard

Complexities of Black Men’s Mental Help Seeking and Wellness

1:35 pm - Lindsey Clark

A Culturally Sustaining Reimagining of K-12 Mathematics in the Era of Testing

1:50 pm - Break
2:00 pm - Olivia Peterson

The Making of a Peace Nation: Likhet, whiteness, and Settler Colonialism in Norway

2:15 pm - Andrés Felix

Towards Reproductive Sovereignty: Decolonizing Menstruation in Chicane Communities

2:30 pm - Stephanie Valenti

An Environmental Just Recovery Plan for Lahaina by Analyzing the Recovery Process After the Woolsey Wildfire

2:45 pm - Break
2:55 pm - Jacqueline Wray

Kinship as a Metaphor for the Divine: Integrating Indigenous Wisdom & Christian Ecofeminist Theology to Conceptualize God

3:10 pm - Gabriela Vera-Kavanaugh

Sorry I’m Late: Non-US Time and Crip Time as Resistance To Whiteness and Capitalism

3:25 pm - Chantel Hayes

Exploring Why Disparities in Black Maternal Mortality Rates Exist in the United States

3:40 pm - Break
3:45 pm - Senior Recognition & Graduation Cord Presentations