Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies at PLU

The Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies (GSRS) program at PLU provides students with an innovative curriculum that examines how gender, sexuality and race are embedded in complex dynamics of power and resistance. Our courses offer intersectional and interdisciplinary ways to understand identities and imagine new configurations of power.

We provide students with opportunities to develop skills that will prepare them to pursue social justice and work in diverse communities. GSRS graduates will be able to solve problems in diverse environments, work effectively across difference, and lead from an equity mindset, some of the most important skills and abilities desired by employers.

The Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies program gives students the important tools, resources, and language needed for personal empowerment and civic engagement. PLU GSRS graduates are prepared to pursue social justice creatively and effectively in their own ways. Our graduates are making positive changes in the way gender, sexuality, and race are understood globally in the 21st century.

GSRS and the Office of DJS Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson Ruling


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