J-Term GSRS Electives

Gender and Sexuality Electives

KINS 315: Body Image (Mallory Mann)

PSYC 375: Psychology of Women (Michelle Ceynar)

SOCI 494: Gender and Violence (Kate Luther)

Critical Race Studies Electives

PSYC 387: Race, Anti-Racism and Child Development (Laura Shneidman)

RELI 240: African American Religious Traditions (Suzanne Crawford-O’Brien)

Spring 2023 Electives

Gender and Sexuality Electives

ARTD 490: Gender and Art (Heather Matthews)

ENGL 394: Ecofeminism (Adela Ramos)

FREN 206/406: French and Francophone Feminisms (Rebecca Wilkin)

HGST 387: Sex, Gender and Holocaust Literature (Lisa Marcus)

HIST 289: Gender and Women in World History (Gina Hames)

IHON 253: Gender, Sexuality and Culture (Jen Smith)


Critical Race Studies Electives

COMA 304: Intercultural Communication (Marnie Ritchie)

ENG 380: Global Refugee Literatures (Jenny James)

GLST 431: Advanced International Relations (Ami Shah)

IHON 112: Liberty, Power and Imagination (Christian Gerzso, Arthur Strum)

NAIS 363: Race and Indigeneity (Troy Storfjell)

POLS 370: Prisons and Prisoners (Michael Artime)

PSYC 335: Cultural Psychology (Heidi McLaughlin)

RELI 236: Native American Religious Traditions (Suzanne Crawford-O’Brien)

SOCI 410: Social Stratification (Laura McCloud)