Women's and Gender Studies Program


Who participates in Women's and Gender Studies at PLU?

All women and men interested in the historical and contemporary impact of gender and sexuality in the larger society will find Women’s and Gender Studies an ideal academic choice.  The Women’s and Gender Studies program gives students the important tools, resources, and language needed for personal empowerment, especially useful since it is easy to feel overwhelmed and resigned in the face of injustices. Upon completion of this program, each PLU Women’s and Gender Studies graduate is prepared to creatively and effectively pursue social justice in her or his own way.  As teachers, scientists, volunteers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, or family members, our graduates are making positive changes in the way gender and sexual identity are understood globally in the 21st century.

Check out what our current students and past graduates have to say about their experiences in the Women's and Gender Studies Program at PLU

Student Testimony
"The WMGS program has helped me learn about what it means to be a feminist. Many people believe in the stigmas that surround feminism, but after being a part of the PLU WMGS program, I have learned how to educate my peers about what feminism is really about." -Leslie Ducay, Class of 2013