Your Residence Hall (您的宿舍)

South Hall

South Hall

You will be living in South Hall, an apartment-style complex on the south edge of campus. It has many amenities, such as a laundry room (with free washer and dryers), a fitness room, lounges and study rooms, and a beautiful front lawn. You’ll share these with PLU students in undergraduate degree programs.

  • Each apartment has a common kitchen and living room space, 2 bathrooms, and 4 individual bedrooms. You will have 1-3 roommates in your apartment. You are responsible for keeping your apartment clean and following all university policies.

您将住在校园南端的公寓式综合大楼South Hall中。 它拥有许多便利设施,例如洗衣房(带免费洗衣机和干衣机),健身室,休息室和书房以及美丽的前草坪。 您将在本科学位课程中与PLU学生共享这些设施。

  • 每间公寓均设有一个公用厨房和客厅,并设有2间浴室和4间独立卧室。 您的公寓中将有1-3个室友。 您有责任保持公寓清洁并遵守所有大学政策。

  • South Hall Contacts (联系方式)
    • Front Desk: 253-538-5400
    • 2024-25 Resident Assistant (RA): To Be Determined
    • RA On Duty (6-8pm Sun – Thurs, 24hrs Fri – Sat):
    • Resident Director: To Be Determined

All ABC students agreed to PLU’s Terms and Conditions for Housing, as well as the information in the South Hall Housing Guide. You are expected to obey those regulations just like any other student at PLU. The documents can be found at:

所有ABC学生都需同意《PLU的住房条款和条件》以及《南厅住房指南》中的信息。 您应该像参加PLU的任何其他学生一样遵守这些规定。 这些文件可以在以下位置找到:

Residential Life

Information about the South and Kriedler RHC:

Essential Rules and Policies (必要规则和政策)

South Hall’s rules and policies ensure that all residents can live a safe, healthy, and happy life during their time at PLU. The full list of policies can be found online, but here are some important highlights:

South Hall的规则和政策确保所有居民在PLU期间都能过上安全,健康和幸福的生活。 完整的策略列表可在网上找到,但以下是一些重要的要点  

Alcohol possession and use is permitted in South Hall under the following guidelines. The following policy has been established in recognition of, and coordination with, Washington State law and PLU’s university policy on Alcoholic Beverages. Possession of an open container of alcohol and/or consumption of alcohol in South Hall common areas (hallways, lounges, etc.) is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in South Hall common areas as they are being transported to an apartment where alcohol is permitted.

    • Possession and/or consumption of alcohol in a unit is permitted if all assigned residents of a unit are 21 years of age or older. In units where alcohol is permitted, all guests present when alcohol is open must be 21 years of age or older.
    • Prior to permitting alcoholic beverages in a unit, all residents of the unit must complete an online alcohol education session provided by residence hall staff. This requirement must be fulfilled prior to each academic year for continuing students. Activities and devices facilitating or promoting excessive consumption of alcohol, including but not limited to: drinking games, funnels, beer bongs, common-source containers (kegs, pony kegs, party balls, etc.), are prohibited.
    • This policy is intended to allow for personal, responsible use; therefore, the possession of large quantities of alcohol is prohibited, including, but not limited to: multiple cases of beer, wine or liquor, and stocked bars.

Chinese Translation

根据以下指南,South Hall允许拥有和使用酒精。同时,为了应应华盛顿州法律和PLU的大学酒精饮料政策,学生禁止在South Hall公共区域(走廊,休息室等)拥有一个开放(开瓶后)的 酒精容器和/或饮酒。酒精饮料仅允许在运送到允许饮酒的学生公寓的情况下可在南厅公共区域出没。本政策旨在允许学生个人在了解相关规则及负起完全责任和后果的情况下使用。

  • 如果該間宿舍的所有指定學生都是21岁或以上,则我們允许在該間宿舍學生内拥有和/或消费酒精。 但在允许饮酒的宿舍裡,所有在场拥有酒精的客人必须年满21岁。
  • 在我们允许该间宿舍学生拥有,消费和/或饮用酒精之前,该间宿舍的所有学生必须完成由PLU宿舍学务人员提供的线上酒精教育课程。本校要求每位旧生必须在学年度开始之前完成 此课程。另外,禁止任何促进或促进过量饮酒的活动和装置,包括但不限于:饮酒游戏,漏斗,啤酒烟枪,共源容器(小酒桶,酒桶,派对球等)。
  • 禁止持有大量酒精,包括但不限于:过多箱的啤酒,葡萄酒或烈酒,以及任何可調理烈酒的酒吧。

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on the PLU campus, including bedrooms and bathrooms inside South Hall and all other campus buildings. The closest places to South Hall where smoking is allowed are the south side of 127th Street (across the street from South Hall), the east side of Park Avenue (across the street from South Hall Parking Lot), away from 126th Street/the Neeb Center.

Chinese Translation

PLU校园内禁止使用烟草相关制品。允许吸烟且离South hall最近的地方是在127th Street的南侧(South Hall对面),Park Avenue的东侧(南厅停车场对面的街道),及远离126th Street / Neeb中心。記住,宿舍內任何場所 (包括個人房間及廁所在內) 嚴禁吸菸。

Keys are issued upon check-in at no charge and must be returned whenever the student’s housing contract is terminated or a change of rooms takes place.

Lost keys must be reported to the Office of Residential Life, AUC Suite 161, who will submit a service request to replace the key(s). A fee will be assessed for re-coring the room door lock and/or replacing lost keys.

You may be responsible for any fees related to improper check-out, not returning keys properly, and losing keys.


Chinese Translation

学生需在办理宿舍入住手续时领取钥匙,并且必须在学生的住宿合同终止或更换房间时退还钥匙。丢失或遗失钥匙须报告给PLU学生住宿生活办公室(位于AUC 161),他们将提交服务请求表来更换钥匙。学校会评估任何所需费用,包括置换房间门锁和/或更换丢失的钥匙。


The University will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal property of residents, but will not be liable for articles lost, stolen, or damaged by fire, water, heat and/or other natural disasters. When storing goods in University space, students assume the risk of loss or damage.


Chinese Translation


University furnishings may not be removed from the students’ rooms nor moved from one room to another nor one hall to another.

This means that all the furniture and supplies that are in your room at the beginning of the year must be in your room when you check out at the end of the year. If not, you may be responsible for any charges to replace missing items.


Chinese Translation



Occupants are not permitted to paint, apply contact or wall paper, alter or remodel any student room or public area in the residence hall.

If you would like to customize your room with posters or other items, please talk to your Community Advisor about the best ways to temporarily hang them without damaging any walls.

Chinese Translation



Visitors are welcome between 8:00am and 2:00am, Monday – Friday, and 8:00am to 3:00am, Saturday and Sunday, but is contingent upon mutual agreement between roommates. Visitation is unrestricted in residence hall lounges, hallways, kitchens and Kreidler and South Halls at all times. Residence halls communities may amend these guidelines by working with the Resident Assistant or the Resident Director of the hall.


Chinese Translation

本校欢迎访客在周一至周五上午8:00至凌晨2:00,周六和周日上午8:00至凌晨3:00来探视校园或学生,但需经过宿舍室友之间的相互协议而定 。访客在宿舍休息室,走廊,厨房以及Kreidler和South Halls的任何时间都不受限制。宿舍管理办公室仍然可以通过与宿舍的驻地主任及顾问的合作来修改这些准则。

Temporary guests must abide by all University regulations. Guests may stay no more than: four consecutive nights, any four nights out of seven, or any eight nights out of thirty. Overnight guests must not be in an intimate relationship with any resident of the hosting room.


Chinese Translation