Comfortable and Safe

There aren’t a lot of rules in PLU’s residence halls – just enough to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. We think you’ll find our policies will give you room to be yourself, while fostering respect for your fellow residents.

With the return to fully in person living and learning, it is expected that most all Residential and University policies will return to pre-pandemic form. Specific mitigation measures may be required in line with CDC, State of Washington and Health Department guidance. Such measures will be updated on this page – under Pandemic Mitigation Measures – below as determinations are made.

For a full list of our policies and contracts, please review our Documents page.

The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on campus and in the residence halls. Empty alcohol containers and brewing equipment are similarly prohibited. South and Stuen Halls have their own individual alcohol policies.  Review the Traditional Hall Housing Guide or the South Hall Housing Guide for specific information (both documents are linked in the Documents Page)

Fish are the only pets allowed in University housing. Fish tanks larger than 25 gallons are not permitted. Any resident found with other pets will be referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities. Minimum consequences will include immediate removal of the pet, submission to random room checks for unauthorized pets for the remainder of the resident’s occupancy, and restitution for any cleaning charges resulting from having the pet. Additional consequences may include termination of the resident’s housing contract. In order to have an Emotional Support Animal you need to apply the Application is provided on our Documents Page.

The use of candles in residence halls is prohibited, except for religious purposes. Review the policy and see the application process here.

University furnishings may not be removed from the students’ rooms nor moved from one room to another nor one hall to another.

Temporary guests must abide by all University regulations. Guests may stay no more than: four consecutive nights, any four nights out of seven, or any eight nights out of thirty. Overnight guests must not be in an intimate relationship with any resident of the hosting room.  The full policy is available in our housing guides.

The unauthorized possession, use, distribution, in any way assisting anyone to use, possess or distribute, and/or sale of the following is prohibited on campus and in residence halls:

  • Illegal drugs (including, but not limited to, categories often known as cannabis, acids, hallucinogens, barbiturates, amphetamines, and narcotics). Note that cannabis is an illegal drug as defined by Federal Law.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Any other substance identified to be dangerous by PLU, in its sole discretion.
  • Drug paraphernalia.
Read this policy in full on the Student Code of Conduct webpage.

Keys are issued upon check-in at no charge and must be returned whenever the student’s housing contract is terminated or a change of rooms takes place. Lost keys must be reported to the Department of Residential Life, AUC Suite 161, who will submit a service request to replace the key(s). A fee will be assessed for re-coring the room door lock and/or replacing lost keys.

Check back for updates.

The University will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal property of residents, but will not be liable for articles lost, stolen, or damaged by fire, water, heat and/or other natural disasters. When storing goods in University space, students assume the risk of loss or damage.

Campus Life will be moving to the following Residency Requirement, applicable to all incoming students, beginning Academic Year 2024-2025.

Pacific Lutheran University requires that all full-time students live in university housing unless the student meets one of the following criteria:

  • Live at home with a parent in Pierce County or in the following approved zip codes. Please see the attached document for approved zip codes located outside of Pierce County
  • Is at least 20 years of age on or before September 1 to be exempt for the academic year, or on or before February 1 to be exempt for the spring semester.
  • Enrolled in and completed at least 4 full semesters at Pacific Lutheran University; includes full semester study away programs, excludes J-term and Summer.
  • Living with a spouse or child [copy of marriage or birth certificate required].

A student enrolled at the University and living off-campus that does not meet the criteria listed above and without approval from the Department of Residential Life is in violation of this policy, and will be held responsible for room and meal charges for that period and will be required to move on-campus for the remainder of their time.

Students with an admit term prior to Fall 2024 will remain subject to the Residency Requirement active at the time of their admit term. Please refer  to our Residency Requirement page for more information.

Occupants are not permitted to paint, apply contact or wall paper, alter or remodel any student room or public area in the residence hall.

Residential Life will not knowingly pair individuals with a non-platonic or romantic relationship as roommates in the traditional halls. Reported violation of this policy will result in a referral to the University Student Conduct System. Students found responsible for violating this policy may be relocated.

Residential Life, while supporting worthwhile causes, makes it a priority to safeguard our residents’ privacy.  If your club is interested in leaving information or would like help from one of our Residence Halls, please be sure to check our Publicity and Solicitation Protocol.

The use of tobacco products are prohibited on the PLU campus.

Visitors are welcome between 8:00am and 2:00am, Monday – Friday, and 8:00am to 3:00am, Saturday and Sunday, but is contingent upon mutual agreement between roommates.  Residence halls communities may amend these guidelines by working with the Resident Assistant or the Community Director of the hall.  The full policy is available in our housing guides.