A Guide to Careers in Nursing

A Free Resource for Beginning and Advanced Nursing Professionals

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About This Guide

The ongoing nursing shortage and the projected retirement of over 1 million experienced nurses by 2030 means that nurses who gain higher levels of education and experience now will be well-poised to lead the next generation of nurses in all settings: research, education, and practice.

This resource is designed to offer aspiring, beginning, and advanced nursing professionals a clear summary of career paths and opportunities within the nursing industry and a clear look at the benefits of a nursing graduate degree.

In this guide, you will learn about

  • Reasons why you should consider getting a graduate degree in nursing
  • Career roles and salary expectations for nurses with advanced degrees
  • Graduate Degree Options that Will Develop Your Nursing Career
  • Pacific Lutheran University‚Äôs graduate nursing degrees
  • Advantages of Pursuing Nursing as a Career in Washington