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PLU Resources for Preceptors and Precepting

Orientation to Precepting

Information that is specific for Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing, such as Orientation and the Preceptor Handbook, is available from the clinical instructor or by request :

Basics of Precepting

Click images below to view powerpoint presentations.  Password is available from clinical faculty.

Precepting The Challenging Student
Strategies for Working with ARNP Students
Healthcare Preception & Pharmacology Update

Professional Resources for Preceptors and Precepting

The webpage titled APRN Clinical Preceptor Resources Guide of The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has clear definitions and descriptions of important preceptor responsibilities, plus links to the preceptor information provided by each advanced practice specialty organization. AACN also provides a handy statement (2018): “Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), physicians, and physician assistants, and other health professionals are all partners in the clinical education of APRN students. As a practice discipline, experienced APRNs are an active and critical component of APRN clinical education in that they are able to afford APRN students with enculturation to their future role as APRNs.”

The Preceptor website of the National Organization for Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) has many resources, including short videos of how to interact with and help students who seem to be having difficulties. There are also links to other presentations of basic information for nurse practitioner preceptors.

Preceptor resources provided by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) include a preceptor and a faculty checklist and systematic review of the “one-minute preceptor.”

The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) shares some overlap with NP preceptors and has interesting and convenient information including a self-study course Developing Preceptor Skills and Special Situations, available to the public at:

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) shares overlap with NP preceptors and has an on-line self-study course, Developing Your Skills as a Clinical Nurse Preceptor.

ARNPS United of Washington State (AUWS) has a webpage with specific listings of preceptors and non-PLU students looking for preceptors. to search for local jobs


The NCQAC Advanced Practice Subcommittee meetings minutes, hearings, notices, and newsletters generally are available to the public. For example, a recent rules hearing April 16, 2020 passed the amendment changing the ARNP licensing renewal requirement for clinical practice hours. “The proposed rule amendments to WAC 246-840-342 and 246-840-360 remove the advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) clinical practice hour requirements for license renewal and licensure by interstate endorsement. The proposed amendments reduce barriers for qualified ARNPs to practice in Washington state.“ CR-102 [Code Reviser 102]
So long as the ARNP meets certification requirements by the national body, Washington State will accept that certification for license renewal or license by endorsement. The new rules are expected to be in effect by summer. “For a copy of the actual recording [of the Sub-Committee’s meeting], please contact the Public Disclosure Records Center (PDRC) at”
If you would like to get updates about a particular topic such as Advanced Practice, complete the following form:

For ARNP practice questions, contact:
For Advanced Practice FAQs, click on the following link:
For questions about the work of the Advanced Practice Sub-committee, contact:

Mary Sue Gorski, PhD, RN
Nurse Adviser, Research, Policy & Advanced Practice
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission
P.O. Box 4786
Olympia, WA 98504

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has provided clarification about the requirements for documentation by the preceptor. See particularly the section titled “Background.” There are also explanations of what the preceptor is responsible for in the E/M (evaluation and management) aspects of care, including re-performing the physical examination as needed.

Toolkits and Other Information About Precepting

Please note that all resources listed here are available freely and are not copyright protected. If you would like a references list of research and other articles about nurse practitioner precepting and preceptors, contact Jenny Bolin, Graduate Clinical Placement Coordinator at

Rush University’s Barker & Pittman have produced a free Powerpoint presentation for nurse practitioner preceptors titled, “Preceptor Toolkit:”

The Office of Clinical Education at Indiana University Health provides another Toolkit specifically for nurse practitioner preceptors. It contains well-organized and thorough information:

The Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA) provides Resources and a Toolkit for Gerontology/Adult NP preceptors.  You must create an account for a login although the account is free.

While Burns’ work Mastering Precepting 2nd ed. (2018) is generic for all nurse preceptors, the basics apply to nurse practitioner students. This chapter on “Core Precepting Concepts” is available free online:

Even though intended for physicians precepting medical students, there is much that applies to the NP precepting the student NP. “How to become an efficient and effective preceptor” is available at:

Resources for Preceptor Career Development

PLU also has a post-master DNP program. For more information, check the following website:

Clinical Resources and Updates for NPs

DOH general information about COVID19:

The HRSA Health Center Program website has links to landmark information about oral health in primary care:

The American Academy of Family Physicians has focused information, a list of questions to include in history and review of systems, and links to policy about clinical care:

The CDC has basic information about EVALI:

The Washington State Department of Health also has information about EVALI:

Arizona State University is one of the top schools for research into sex trafficking and human trafficking. Their brochure is succinct and helpful:

SOAR training helps providers identify clients who are victims of human trafficking.

American Association of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board

Access through this link the Preceptorship/Preceptor Form from the AANP Certification Board for re-certification.

Further Resources of Interest

ARNPS United of Washington State (AUWS) Preceptor webpage lists local NP job openings:

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