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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs in Nursing

How far do you want to take your nursing career?

Graduate nursing education is a multifaceted, dynamic, and rigorous process organized to prepare professional nurses for advanced nursing practice roles. It expands upon the skills and knowledge learned at the baccalaureate level which has been refined through clinical practice experiences.

MSN Degree Program

Our Master of Science in Nursing program prepares practitioners that are uniquely able to provide direct and indirect care to diverse groups of people, in a variety of settings, within the current, complex health care systems environment.

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DNP Degree Program

Our Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program prepares graduates in the advanced practice specialty area of Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP). Graduates from this program  are able to develop and evaluate quality within a health system, collaborate with inter-professional teams to improve health outcomes, and be leaders in the nursing profession.

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