School of Nursing Resources

The School of Nursing is housed on the second and third floors of Ramstad Hall. The School of Nursing administrative offices, including separate offices for administrators and office space for support staff, is located in a suite on the second floor. Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) is also located on the second floor, with ample office space and nearby classroom. Classrooms and conference rooms are also located on the second floor, with faculty offices and student learning facilities on the third floor.

Current undergraduate and graduate nursing students can find more information, downloadable forms, and other pertinent information on the Application page of this website. Students can stop by or contact the School of Nursing main office (253-535-7672) to drop off materials or ask questions during normal office hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Faculty Advisors

All nursing majors are assigned an academic advisor from the nursing faculty upon admission to the School of Nursing. Students are expected to confer with their advisor each semester to review progress and discuss concerns. Advisors are available to provide information and assistance during posted office hours or by special appointment. Students are expected to respond to the advisor’s request for conferences. If a student wishes to change their faculty advisor, they must complete and submit a change of advisor form, available in the School of Nursing main office.

Learning Labs

The School of Nursing labs include the nursing skills lab, health assessment lab, computer lab and simulation lab.

For skills which are assigned in specific courses, students are scheduled for specific laboratory times. ‘Open’ laboratory times are also available for individual practice and study. Skill acquisition requires hands-on practice and students are expected to use these times to achieve skill competency. Course syllabi indicate available learning modules to assist students in their learning.

Please be advised that a lab fee is charged each semester during the nursing program to support the labs in the purchase of equipment, materials, and supplies, including computer materials and software. Only one lab fee is charged per semester.

The nursing skills practice laboratory and health assessment laboratory are equipped with hospital beds, adult and infant manikins in the skills laboratory as well as examination tables in the health assessment laboratory and more manikins in the simulation lab. Equipment is maintained in proper operating condition, inventoried and controlled, and replaced or upgraded as needed. Laboratory preceptors and graduate nursing students assist faculty with equipment preparation and skill practice supervision.

PLU Student Resources

Student Financial Services

PLU Student Financial Services, located in the Hauge Administrative Building Room 102, houses the office of the Registrar, and Accounts Receivable. Contact Student Financial Services (at 800-678-3243 or 253-535-7161) for help with questions about your financial aid, student account, and to order transcripts.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising website offers a wealth of information for current students, including course information, program plans, help for transfer students, and study abroad information.

Another great resource for students is Ramstad Commons (located on the ground floor of Ramstad Building). Ramstad Commons houses the offices for Academic Advising & Assistance, Internships, Career Connections, and Student Employment. Stop by Ramstad Commons or check out their website for more information on programs and resources offered.

The Center for Community Engagement and Service is located on the corner of 122nd St and Park Avenue-across from the Anderson University Center-connects students, staff and faculty with Parkland and Tacoma community partners.

The Academic Assistance Center is located in Mortvedt Library 124, and offers free academic services to students. Tutors, study tips, review sessions, and other study aides and more are available to students. Check out the Academic Assistance Center website or contact them at 253-535-7518 or

PLU Computer Labs and Resources

PLU students have access to a range of services on campus for their computing needs. The Help Desk in Mortvedt Library offers information and assistance to the PLU campus community. Go to their website for more information on computer labs, connecting your computer to the campus network, or resolving questions about your email account, SAKAI, etc.

Campus Safety and Parking

The Campus Safety office offers many services, including vehicle registration, parking permits, escorts, and emergency response. Students may obtain a parking permit from Campus Safety in Harstad Hall (entrance is on north side, lower level). Click here for a campus map showing reserved student parking and public parking lots on campus. Because graduate classes are scheduled in late afternoon and early evening hours, it is recommended that students leave their last class and walk to parking lots in groups. Students who are parked within four blocks of the campus may call Campus Safety (253-535-7441) to request an escort when returning to their cars. Campus Safety personnel can also assist if there are problems such as dead batteries or lock-outs.

Information for International Students

International Student Services offers information, support and advising to students who come to study at PLU from outside the United States. International students should contact this office if they are planning to apply to PLU or if they need assistance with Visas, immigration, or other information about living and studying in the U.S.

The Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education is another great resource for both International Students and PLU students who plan to study abroad during their education at PLU. The center provides information on grants, study abroad opportunities, and events on or near campus for students.