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Past, Present, and Future

PLU nurse practitioner (NP) students and faculty recognize and appreciate the preceptors who make the clinical experiences of the nurse practitioner students possible and rewarding. The forward-thinking generosity of each preceptor enriches the preceptor, the student, the healthcare system, the community, and especially the health of patients. We value and honor your volunteering to precept.


  1. The central and critical role of the preceptor is also recognized in research and in theoretical models of nurse practitioner education, such as the Triad Model (Paton, 2014; Zawaduk et al., 2014) and the Academic-Practice Partnership Model (Amirhesani et al., 2019).
  2. PLU SON provides and makes the arrangements with the preceptor for the NP student’s clinical experience of direct patient care in the real-world clinical setting.
  3. To become a preceptor, contact the Clinical Placement Coordinator, Jennifer Bolin

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Last updated March 8, 2023
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