Student Life Strategic Plan

Adopted December 11, 2013


In January 2012, the Pacific Lutheran University Board of Regents adopted the third university long-range plan, PLU 2020: Affirming Our Commitments, Shaping Our Future. On June 1, 2012, Thomas W. Krise became the 13th President of PLU. One of Dr. Krise’s top priorities was the launching of strategic planning at PLU, to advance the vision and aspirations of PLU 2020 into realities through specific plans with targeted goals.

The Student Life Strategic Plan (SLSP) is written in support of the aspirations of PLU 2020 and to complement the university’s strategic planning process. As the university continues to articulate the university strategic plan, the SLSP will need to be updated. The goals outlined below will need increased specificity as the university builds consensus around university goals and key performance indicators. Both the SLSP and the university strategic plan are works in progress and are designed to assist in advancing university priorities in targeted and measurable ways.

Vision and Mission Statements

Student Life Division Commitments to Excellence

Student Life Program Review Schedule

Context for 2013-2020 – Student Life Priorities

University Strategic Priorities 2013-2020

Student Life Strategic Priorities 2012-2015

Additional Strategic Priorities with University Initiatives Student Life Priorities 2013-2014


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