Welcome to Pacific Lutheran University's Academic Assistance Center

Do you know your individual learning style? Would you like some strategies for how to succeed on your next exam? Do you need help in a particular subject? Do you want to practice a foreign language with other PLU students? Then you’ve come to the right place!

At the AAC, you’ll find free academic support services that can help you become a more effective, independent learner. Meet with a tutor, join a foreign language conversation group, work on study strategies, attend a group review session for one of your courses, or just stop by for free flashcards. Please stop by our office on the first floor of the library! Just enter through the main doors and turn left–we are down the hall in room 124, right before the Multimedia Services desk.

One-on-one tutoring appointments are made in half-hour blocks. To see which tutor can help you with a particular class, see the Tutoring Subjects. To sign up for a tutoring session, you can stop by our office in the Library, Room 124, or call us at 253-535-7518.

On-call tutoring during J Term

During J term, we will offer on-call tutoring for the following subjects:  Chinese, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Chemistry, Religion, Philosophy, Econ, Stats and History.  To arrange for tutoring, please contact the tutor directly by e-mail.  The tutors’ e-mails are listed by subject under Tutoring Subjects to the far left of this home page.  You can also call our office at (253) 535-7518.

If a tutoring session isn’t exactly what you need right now, please check out these helpful tips on how to study for different disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, EconomicsMathematics, Nursing, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Statistics.  We also offer tips on Critical Reading, Time Management, Note Taking, Test Preparation, and High School vs. PLU.

Become a tutor!  The AAC usually hires students during spring semester to tutor for the following academic year. Check the student employment website for our listing during this time. On occasion, we will make additional hires throughout the year as needed. We are always willing to keep on file the names of students interested in tutoring should a position become available. Please e-mail us if you would like your name placed on file: aac@plu.edu.  All tutors are approved by the faculty. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, let the faculty in your department know of your interest.