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Bachelor of Arts in Education with Residency Certification

The Bachelor of Arts in Education with Residency Certification program at Pacific Lutheran University prepares students to become effective teachers in today’s classrooms.  Classes are taught by experienced, respected faculty who bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom.

Candidates begin the undergraduate pre-service preparation program during the fall semester of their junior year and finish with the successful completion of their student teaching experience, which typically occurs during the spring of their senior year. They may pursue either an elementary or secondary education course of study.  Students who successfully complete the program will earn a Washington State Teaching Certificate in their selected endorsement areas.  

Click here for information regarding areas of emphasis or endorsement for elementary education majors.  Click here for areas of endorsement for secondary education majors.

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Program Outline

Click here for program outlines with course descriptions for both Elementary and Secondary Education.

Bachelor of Arts in Education without Residency Certification - Outreach Education Major

The Department of Education at Pacific Lutheran University is offering a new major in the Bachelor of Arts in Education. The Outreach Education major is designed for candidates interested in preparing for non-school educational jobs outside the traditional school classroom setting such as museums, environmental groups, community performance outreach, performing arts organizations and other non-school groups. The course of study includes: content related to their area of interest; educational theory and methods classes; and courses designed to explore educational job opportunities along with the general tools needed to bridge community educational resources with schools and other venues. Senior year experiences will include job shadows in a variety of community venues followed by a project based internship in their area of interest and expertise.

Program Outline

Click here for a program outline of the Outreach Education major.