Agnes Choi

Assistant Professor of New Testament

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Suzanne Crawford O'Brien

Associate Professor of Religion and Culture

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Seth Dowland

Assistant Professor of American Religious History

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Antonios Finitsis

Religion Department Chair

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Erik J. Hammerstrom

Assistant Professor of East Asian and Comparative Religions

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Bruce Kadden

Lecturer in Judaism

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253-535-7243 * Not Teaching
Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen

Assistant Professor of Religious History and Historical Theology

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Douglas Oakman

Professor of New Testament

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Kevin J. O'Brien

Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

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Samuel Torvend

Professor of the History of Christianity

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Marit Trelstad

Professor of Constructive and Lutheran Theologies

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253-535-7232 * On Sabbatical
Michael Zbaraschuk

Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology Global Context

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