Micah Miller

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office Location: Hauge Administration Building - 220-F

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  • Ph.D., Religion, Emory University, 2019
  • M.A., Theological Studies, Saint Louis University, 2013
  • B.A., Theological Studies & English, Saint Louis University, 2011

Areas of Emphasis or Expertise

  • Early Christianity, Ante-Nicene Christianity, Early Trinitarian Theology

Selected Articles

  • Miller, Micah M . "Origen’s Titles of Christ: The Epinoiai (ἐπίνοιαι) and Power Causality." St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 66, nos. 1-2 2022: 11-38.
  • Miller, Micah M . "The Auto-X Attributes of the Father and the Son in Origen." Journal of Theological Studies 73, no. 1 2022: 132-166.
  • Miller, Micah M . "The Unity and Multiplicity of the Holy Spirit in Origen of Alexandria." Vigiliae Christianae 75, no. 3 2021: 278-302.


Micah Miller is a teacher and scholar of the history of Christianity. Both his teaching and his research attempt to understand Christian ideas and practices within their original context. He teaches courses in early and medieval Christian history. His research examines the development of early Christian doctrines regarding the Trinity, Christ, and the Holy Spirit with special attention to Jewish and philosophical influences.