Transfer Student Services

New Transfer Student

To-Do List

Connect with Academic Advising to register for your individual appointment

Request final transcripts from your previous institutions be sent to:

PLU Office of Admission

Tacoma, WA 98447

Transcript must be official and in a sealed envelope from the school.  Do not open the envelope.

New Student Information Form

This is in the Acceptance Packet (black folder) you received earlier from the Admission Office.  Return to Admission Office

Medical/Health History Form

Return to Admission Office.

Apply to live on campus

Confirmation of Living at Home

Applicable for Commuter Students who are <20 and have First Year or Sophomore standing

Athletic Medical Clearance Forms

Applicable for student athletes

lutecardA LuteCard is your University ID Card, your library card, your on-campus meal plan card, and even an on-campus debit card. You will need your LuteCard to access most PLU campus events, and to access the swimming pool and Names Fitness Center. You will also need it to access to your residence hall.  Pick up your Lutecard at the Campus Concierge desk located in the University Center.


It is important that all students be aware of the expectations for behavior that PLU has for its members and the policies in place to outline these standards.  Think About It prepares  college students for the  challenges and responsibilities of college life. Focusing on minimizing the risks associated with alcohol, drugs and sexual violence, Think About It takes a harm-reduction approach that resonates with students and results in a healthy campus culture that fosters learning and growing intellectually.  This module is required for all incoming students and creates a common understanding.

Access to the module will be  emailed to your email account 30 days before the start of the term or within 3 business days after creating your ePass account within 30 days of the start of the term.  The module is required to be completed before the first day of classes. Failure to complete  the module will result in a hold being placed on your student account.  You will need to have registered for your PLU ePass to complete this module.

PLU offers commuter and residential parking passes, subsidized orca cards, walking escorts, and is home to a few Zipcars. 

Check out which commuting option will work best for you HERE

Hint: Parking passes and Orca Card requests take a few days to process, plan ahead to get yours before the first day of classes

 New Student Orientation 

Tuesday February 4th

Click here to view the Schedule 

Download the New Student Orientation App

It highlights the schedule, campus resources, and social media

The Garfield Book Company has a great website to search for the text books you will need for your various classes. 

Look up your text books here

One of the best ways to know what is going on at PLU is to connect with your favorite offices and organizations via facebook and twiter.  Choose a few to follow during the summer so that you can connect with school starts in the fall.
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